Sunday, August 6, 2017

Joseph Brant

John Brant died of cholera and his remains were placed beside his those of father's in his tomb.
In 1850, their bodies were moved from Burlington (then known as Wellington Square) to Brantford.

This Tomb is Erected to the Memory of 
or Capt Joseph Brant
or Capt John Brant

for InSPIREd Sunday
this is a holiday weekend in Canada, generally called the Civic Holiday, but each community can give it a unique name
and where I live it is named after Joseph Brant


Tom said...

...thanks for spending part of your holiday weekend with me.

Elizabeth Edwards said...

i enjoy it in the black and white form. nice! ( ;

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Nice to see some native indians rememeted this way

Anonymous said...

Joseph Brant has always interested me and so has the Chapel of the Mohawks. Thanks for sharing.

Graham Edwards said...

I think naming a holiday locally is a splendid idea. I think I may start suggesting that although I bet it could cause controversy. Sometimes people just don't like change even if they don't like what is there to be changed.

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