Saturday, August 6, 2016


a sprawling farm
Simcoe, Ontario

for The Barn Collective


Lea said...

A working farm needs outbuildings as well as a barn.
Have a great day!

Tom said...

What a cluster of buildings on this farm! The silo like extensions in the last photo are interesting. I wonder what they are used for? Thanks for sharing a bit of Simcoe this week. Enjoy your week.

Small City Scenes said...

An outbuilding for everything. Interesting and enterprising too.

genie said...

You have to love those little green outbuildings. It makes me think back of workers quarters if the farm is sold, old, old. This is such a massive undertaking. It is gonna cost lots to paint all of those buildings. Such a great find. genie

Martha said...

There is a sprawling farm not far from here. I have always wondered what all the outbuildings were for.

Bruce Clark said...

A nice collection of photos.

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