Saturday, August 27, 2016


a barn and house with many colours - not all complementary
near Simcoe, Ontario

for the Barn Collective


Lea said...

When the roof needs patching you use what you have
Have a great day!

genie said...

Are you sure you did't hop a plane and take this picture about a mile from the house. It looks SOSOSO familiar. A hodgepodge of STUFF... a pieced together roof of different colors...and a nice house off to the side. Guess the owners spent all of their $$$ on the house and had none left for the barn. This is a great find. A real rural landscape so common here in Rockbridge County. Genie

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I like the different roof colors. Great barn find!
Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!

Tom said...

I love all the color on the roof. In the hills of southern Ohio I saw several of these. What, is Simcoe too ritzy for a patchwork quilt roof? Thanks for this great post, stop back again soon.

Linda said...

Interesting quilt-like roof!

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