Sunday, July 10, 2016



as might be expected of a church that is 130 years old, there is ongoing restoration. this year the focus is on repointing the bricks. the fundraising thermometer can be seen beside the front entrance.
Trois-Pistoles, Bas-Saint-Laurent, Quebec

For InSPIREd Sunday


Jaƛmin said...

Very nice interesting photos.

Anabel Marsh said...

Looks lovely!

RedPat said...

That first pic is lovely, Violet!

Anonymous said...

I like that first photo,too. Such a pretty church. Makes you look up!

Tom said...

I love church spires and this church is a delight.

Elizabeth Edwards said...

hi Violet, what a beauty. welcome to InSPIREd Sunday. thanks for joining us this weekend, please do so any ole time. glad to have ya. ( :

i enjoy your angle in these shots. nice!!

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Looks a very nice church

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