Tuesday, May 29, 2012

T is for time and a tree

all good parks should have a clock to keep track of time (especially when you have to pay for parking)
and this is a great tilting tree to add interest to those sky shots.
the left version was taken this afternoon, while the one on the right is a winter shot.
today, the park was busy with people catching some cooling breezes in the 30 degree weather.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Time is gold and your tress are lovely!

Travels & Wandering
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Wanda said...

Just love the comparison of your trees. I've done that with a tree in my back yard. Taking it with sunsets behind it with leaves, and bare.

Also love clocks in parks, backyards, etc. Even being retired...I like to know what time it is!

Nice post!!

Roger Owen Green said...

our trees were leaning like that today

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

photowannabe said...

Great use of the letter T.
love the leaning tree and clocks can be really helpful.

Unknown said...

how interesting that this tree is still standing. i love the contrast.

Irene said...

That must be a nice place to hang out at in the summertime with a nice breeze. It would be less so in the wintertime I'm sure. Thanks for the tree photos to illustrate that.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Even now that I'm retired, I seem to be time-challenged, so it was one of the words that first came to mind when I thought about this week's T-word. In the end, I went with "tide" so I am happy to see that you found a great way to show "time" in your post. And, the tilting tree compared in different seasons was brilliant!

EG CameraGirl said...

Wonderful - I love the leaning tree shots.

Kranky Granny said...

The winter shot gets my vote for best shot. The lean is so pronounced and the branches make a nice silhouette.

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