Saturday, January 13, 2018


Blizzard in Burlington

Bear tunnel on train exhibit at the Botanical Gardens

Beginning of new homes

sharing with Tom at Weekend Roundup - prompt this week is B (starts with B, week's favourite, new beginnings)


Tom said...

...hi my friend, what a great 'B' post. I just got in from shooting 'B'lizzard shots. Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope to 'C' you next week.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Love the first photo!

Ralph said...

Ah, blizzards and snow are wonderful sights and beautiful - if way to cold for me! It is interesting, but our son works for a company in Burlington, Evertz. He works remotely from his Brooklyn apartment with a New York customer. Now that he is healing he can get back to the monthly trips to Burlington on the earliest (6 AM) flights to YYZ!

Jim said...

Your snow picture of the cemetery is nice. We drove from Niagara Falls on the Canada side over to Detroit. The agricultural country side was very enjoyable, a retreat from the busy Interstates we'd been on getting to NYC.

Claire MW said...

The bear tunnel is such fun - what a lovely piece of carving work. The blizzard looks like what we shall no doubt soon be seeing. We had an odd weather weekend out east, but now we have lots of flooding as a result. The normal cold temps are back and the freezing makes it very slippery out here!

vesselsmemories said...

Good old blizzards! We've had our share of them this winter in New Hampshire. Spring will soon be here, I can hardly wait! I love that bear tunnel :)

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