Sunday, September 27, 2015


another TTC subway station bench. this one is in Museum Station
where you can look out on this
... it was a bizarrely quiet moment when I took this!
a final metal bench for Jude's September Bench Series


Anabel Marsh said...

Good bench! I like the sculptures / pillars also.
Anabel's Travel Blog

Graham Edwards said...

The bench is beautifully simple and practical but comfy? Perhaps not. The pillars are very interesting though.

genie said...

That is a way nicer bench than I am used to seeing. I think it is lovely, but the nicest part is how quiet it is. I have never seen a station so empty.

Anonymous said...

Love the pillars in the station, how cool are they? Those benches are purely practical and not ones you want to wait on for long. I see that they have the 'armrests' to stop people from using them to sleep on. Very municipal :)

Tom said...

Wow, so clean.

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